The OOO Team is back...all together again!

OutOfOffice München / OutOfOffice Frankfurt / Mission / OutOfOffice Stuttgart / Veranstaltungen / 09.07.2021

During these long months, despite the Kurzarbeit, the difficult times and the many Zoom Meetings we had, we never lost who we are as team, the team spirit and the passion we have in what we do.

But finally we could meet again in person! We all travelled safe and met near Frankfurt, Rheingau, to spend 2 days al together, face to face, have fun but also have the time to talk about strategic things.

We decided that the most important thing for us, after such a long time, was to spend some quality time together, without laptops or phones with us. We rented some e-bikes and spent the full afternoon around the amazing area of Rheingau, tasting different and many good wines, talking, laughing, and simply being us when we are together.

Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner and again very good wine and amazing view over the wineyards.


The next day was dedicated to our team meeting: time to talk about business, strategic topics, how we want to be fully ready again to host the many events and clients that finally are happening again in our beautiful locations, to make sure we can always offer the best experience ever during meetings, workshops, team events, private events, which now more than ever are extremely important and needed after many months of lockdown and home office.

We all learned a lot during this time, home office and zoom meetings can also work well, but after a while meeting in person and spending time together has an extremely important value and role in our working life but also personal life.

Our vision when we created OutOfOffice was to create more space for collaboration, humanity and build team spirit.

We reflect very easily all this as individuals and as team. Finally we had the chance to experience all this in person and now more than ever it's the perfect time to use our venues to

Rock 'n Roll!

OOO TEAM (Chiara, Catrina, Claudia, Georg, Lena, Lisa, Maria, Shabbana)