Work from anywhere? How does it work?

With Holiwork™ by OutOfOffice™ you can now co-work and co-live some time from the South of Italy.

We couldn't make it more "OutOfOffice"! You can work from a sunny, warm and beautiful Italian place without planning a lot.

"HOLIWORK™" is the once in a life opportunity for you and your team to run your projects for couple of weeks or months from a different, beautiful and stimulating place: Lecce, in the famous PUGLIA region! Why Lecce? You can have a local community ready for you because our co-founder Chiara is from here (and she can really share her personal experience of "work from anywhere" managing OutOfOffice most of the time from there..:-), it is very well connected by plane from the major cities, it is alwasy sunny and warm, it's famous for the amazing sea, beaches and culture (rewarded several times by Lonely Planet, New York Times, etc,

Work from Anywhere is the future of work! Try it yourself in an easy way and in a beautiful place!

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How does it work?

Accomodations: We offer different solutions (luxury, premium, standard) according to your needs. Some solutions are situated in the beautiful historical city center with amazing roof top terraces, others are “masseria” style in the typical country side of Salento. All solutions are fully equipped (e.g. high speed WIFI, kitchen, working area, etc). We have solutions ideal for individual remote workers or teams (eg: for team retreats). Holiwork is your only point of reference and, depending on your company policy, you can get from us all the documents / invoices needed to pay your stay as part of your remote-work / travel expenses.

Co-Working: Guests enjoy a free membership at the local co-working "Molo12". in the hystorical city center, walking distance from the main accomdoations. At Molo12 our guests enjoy the community of the local start up scene and their community-building programmes.

Community: We advise you on different activities and services and we put you in contact with local and trusted suppliers, to get a real experience of the South of Italy life and get in touch with the local community and other co-workers.


Chiara Oliva, Georg Sauter (Co-Founders)

Save your time: Why spend time organising your “work from anywhere” when you can have someone, local and expert, that does it for you?

Cost-effective: we organise your stay more cost effectively than you could on your own, because we have connections with local and trusted suppliers - we can get the best "local" rates and we take care about the planning.

Local knowledge: Having local experts on site means that we can help you craft unique experiences for you, without too much work and effort from your side.

It's tested: With our experience in travelling, business meetings and events, and managing ourselves a business remotely, we know what you expect and need when you leave your city to work from another country. When you relocate yourself or your team for a few days, you want to be sure that everything is going to go smoothly. We can make that happen.

Do you want to know more?

The package (accomodation for 2 people, co-working, community) starts from 500€ (week) - 1.600€ (month), depending on category of accomodation and season.

Just give us a call or send us an email to get a quote!

Chiara Oliva

Co-Founder & CEO

+39 335 5621291