OutOfOffice goes a bit more far away...with Holiwork!


My #futureofwork is to choose where to work!

I’m Italian, raised in Lecce, a beautiful city in the south of Italy, where the sun and the sea are the 2 main protagonists.

I left my hometown to study in Rome and then I started my career in Unilever as Global Brand Manager for the leading ice cream brands in the world.

After 8 years, after I met Georg, I moved to Hamburg where I founded OutOfOffice. We opened the first location in Munich, so I basically started to work for OOO in a remote way. And I must say that it works, and I love it! Of course, one basic condition is to have the right people and a lot of trust! But then the results are great!

After 3 years, 2 openings, and our second kid Leo coming to life…we decided to move to Lecce! I never thought that one day I could come back and live there…but now…here I am!

I spend many months here now, with Georg, Emma and Leo, and at the same time I run my business and team, based in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. I travel a lot (well..before the pandemic..) and this is of course crucial in order not to lose any contacts with my business, my places and my people.

I love the flexibility and the freedom I have, to choose where to live and from where I want to work, getting inspirations from the 2 worlds: the “Italian creativity and beauty” and the “German efficiency and rigour”…and combining these 2 elements also in the way I work and in our business in general.

During these years, I’ve always thought that this model “work from anywhere” can be applied to many realities. In fact, we had many times partners and friends who joined us for couple of weeks / months here, to work and run their projects from a stimulating, culturally different environment, enjoying of course also the nice weather in winter. And even more now, during the pandemic, and given the right conditions, I am sure that this “work from anywhere” will become more and more the reality!

This could really be one’s life opportunity for you to run your projects for couple of months from here or your team also, to give them the chance to work some weeks from elsewhere..and I guarantee you, from my personal experience, that it can all be much more efficient!

We decided to make it even more "OutOfOffice" and we founded Holiwork - to offer ready solutions to work some time from the South of Italy. High quality accomodations, co-working, community (especially local community having a local there, myself..) to spend couple of weeks or couple of months in a real italian amazing place, very well known for its culture, sea, beaches, delicious food and wine. What else?


Take the chance for yourself or your team, visit our Holiwork page: https://www.outofoffice.place/en/italy/ and get in touch for an individual offer! We look forward to having you down here...:-)

Chiara Oliva

(Co-Founder OutOfOffice & Holiwork)