OutOfOffice - Chiara Oliva & Georg Sauter

We love design and art.

We love beauty – just for the sake of it. We love it colorful and individual.

Georg Sauter

Georg is Co-Founder & Managing Director of OutOfOffice. He is German and was born in Blumenfeld (“field of flowers”) and grew up in Blumberg (“mountain of flowers”) in the beautiful South of Germany. Surrounded by so many flowers in his early years Georg to his own surprise decided to study economics, marketing and sustainability at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim. He lived in different places in Germany (Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin), France (Toulouse), Ireland (Dublin) and Italy (Rome, Lecce).

During his professional career he held different local and global roles as Marketing Director at Unilever and Carlsberg. In that environment he came up with the idea of OutOfOffice when he was invited to many so-called “creative” meetings and workshops where he knew by entering the venue that that day he won’t come up with any idea. Before OutOfOffice Georg was the initiator and co-founder of “Sturmfreie Bude” in Hamburg where he is the main stakeholder until today.

He is married to Chiara and loves (almost) everything about Italy. With their two little kids they are running a real life experiment to see what is going to happen when you put an Italian and German together. In the tradition of Italian and Southern German family businesses with OutOfOffice he wants to start his own.

Chiara Oliva

Chiara is Co-Founder & Managing Director of OutOfOffice. She is Italian and was born in Lecce, a beautiful city in the south of Italy, where the sun and the sea are the 2 main protagonists.

She studied Economics and Marketing in Rome at LUISS, her second “home town”. She spent several months in Australia for her first working experience (?) before graduation, enjoying travelling and surfing around!

Chiara worked the first year of her career as Global Brand Manager in Unilever for the leading ice cream brands in the worls.

There she met Georg and “crashed” with love into the German culture (although sometimes she is the german one between the two…

She fell in love first with him....and then with his business idea…create free and creative spaces for meetings and workshop…and she left her job and the country to follow their dreams.

While living in Hamburg for 3 year, Chiara worked to become an entrepreneur and founded OutOfOffice. She knows how to perfectly combine the “Italian creativity and beauty” to the “German efficiency and rigour”…

And together with Georg she loves to “meet.create.play”!

Our Values


Friends and family are very important to us. So are our clients! We want to make them feel part of the OutOfOffice Family and always welcome as if it was their homes. We are open and democratic. We don’t like hierarchies. We trust in people and we love to see them grow. We see ourselves as Global citizens – still we support our local communities where we feel we belong to.


We love beauty – just for the sake of it. We love design and art. We love it colorful and individual.


We are optimists. We believe the future is shaped by highly motivated people, by enthusiasts, who want something very much or believe very much in the future and are positive about what is ahead of us.

Fun & Inspiration

We are not taking things too seriously. We love adventure and surprise.