New opening in Stuttgart

Press / Architecture / OutOfOffice Stuttgart / 10.04.2018

From August '18 a new stunning location wil be part of the OutOfOffice family. It will the the 4th one, after two in Munich and one in Frankfurt, this time in Stuttgart. 

Our new loft with 360 sqm and an amazing big roof top terrace in the middle of the city center of Stuttgart offers generous space for 5-60 people and is a perfect location for workshops, seminars, trainings, Press Conferences, Shootings and all kind of other events companies or private people can come up with. 


We put a lot of focus on the individuality of our locations – i.e. you should immediately recognize that this is a location of “OutOfOffice” but always be surprised by a new idea” explains Georg Sauter, Co-Founder of OutOfOffice. “It always has to be colorful, diverse and playful – but never predictable. That’s how the unique atmosphere of OutOfOffice comes to live – you feel like being at home at a good friend. Hierarchy or rigid manners do not fit in here. The result is a creative environment – a perfect space for inventive genius and to come up with new ideas.” 

And this time the creative idea developed for the Stuttgart location is unique: 'A studio – a place where you can play out your ideas' is how Chiara Oliva, Co-Founder OutOfOffice describes the idea for Stuttgart. 'The feeling to think out of barriers and constraints is literally supported by the almost 360° light and windows and access to fresh air thanks to the impressive terrace on top of the building where we also built a real winter garden. There is a 'beach' where you can relax and a 'gym' where you can do team work. Even a 'jungle' to have more private and quite time.

The building itself won one of the most precious architectural awards 'Deutscher Architekturpreis' (1973), and for that reason already very special. It is the heart of the city and it mirrors all the most famous old buildings (Schillerplatz) giving you a feeling of new and progressive and at the same time being part of the history of Stuttgart. 

OutOfOffice sees itself as a driver of the radical change in the business and working culture: to create more space for creativity, humanity and collaboration – driven by the strong belief that new ideas will be the key for a better world for all of us. 

The official opening will be in August. Until then we are happy to answer your initial requests and we already look forward to seeing you there!

Good luck to us and Rock 'n Roll!