„New Work“ – we show how the future of work can look like through a photo production at our location!

Press / OutOfOffice Frankfurt / 27.04.2021

We think that against the backdrop of ever faster growth and digitalisation, spaces for creativity are becoming more and more important. Beautiful spaces that bring us together again, that inspire us, but that also let us take a breath and enjoy. One such space is OutOfOffice in Sachsenhausen, for example.

Home office has become less attractive for employees and of course for employers after such a long time at home. In addition to being less efficient, it is difficult for many to separate themselves from work. Flexible spaces like OutOfOffice can be an answer to these needs.

The issue of sustainability is also becoming more and more integrated into our working world. This ranges from the use of resource-saving work materials to equipping offices with largely plastic-free furnishings to climate-neutral meetings and events, including regional & fair-trade catering.

Work-life balance can finally be experienced: we benefit from working together with others in spacious rooms, can withdraw flexibly, become creative, generate ideas - and enjoy all the advantages of a creative environment. And of course, it's not bad if at the end of the day you can toast a successful, creative and relaxed day on a roof terrace with a view of the skyline.

Team: Concept, production & photography: Annika List - photography & film

Concept, production & styling: Amelie Baumbach

Hair, make-up & styling: Barbara Lo Presti

Photo assistance: Sven Schiffauer

Video: Sarah Kessler