OutOfOffice is climate neutral - and so are all your events that take place at our locations.

Press / Mission / 15.01.2021

What does this mean?

Climate-neutral company means that we have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, continuously reduce them, and have compensated for the unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects.

Our steps in detail

Calculating emissions

Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated our CCF Corporate Carbon Footprint, i.e. the CO2footprint of our company. In doing so, we take into account emission sources such as energy and heating, but also catering, business trips, office supplies and all the emissions that we cause as a company.

Avoid and reduce emissions

Our CCF clearly shows us where we can further reduce CO2. We update it regularly, so we have an overview of our success in the reduction and recognize further adjusting screws.

Balancing emissions

However, there are always emissions that we cannot avoid at the moment. We consistently compensate them by supporting two climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio:

Project Clean Drinking Water, Odisha, India: https://www.climatepartner.com/1078

Project Planting trees in Germany https://www.climatepartner.com/1111

Creating transparency

You can use our "climate neutral company" label and ID number to track our climate neutrality in ClimatePartner ID tracking: www.climatepartner.com/15198-2012-1001

In addition to the prevention and reduction of greenhouse gases, compensation is an important step in holistic climate protection. Without the balance, the goal of the Paris Agreement is no longer achievable – there are simply not yet the technologies needed to drastically reduce all emissions. Investing in climate protection projects will also promote sustainable development in the countries of the global south, so that progress does not have to be based solely on fossil fuels.