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Mission / 29.01.2018
Creative working at our artistic loft in Munich's Glockenbachviertel

‘The physical environment is the body language of a company. It can be closed, cautious and risk-avers – or open, inviting and optimistic. The environment embodies the values a company stands for.’ (Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist Google; Stanford University).

The three D’s – Digitalization, Disruption, Diversity – are the big drivers for business transformation. Whereas in the beginning it very much started to be a technological revolution it now turns out that the hardest part of a successful transformation is the cultural piece.

If it’s true that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ driving and managing the cultural transformation is the key tasks for companies to be successful in the future.

OutOfOffice is an environment that encourages and promotes this cultural change. In every detail it is designed to drive values like: openness, collaboration, optimism, risk-taking, non-hierarchical.

For smaller groups running workshop for innovations, design thinking etc. our new location in Munich’s most creative district Glockenbachviertel offer perfect conditions.

Learn more: https://www.outofoffice.place/en/locations/munich-glockenbachviertel/