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OutOfOffice Munich / Press / Events / 07.03.2016
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OutOfOffice Munich is featured on the prestigious Domus website. Domus is excited about the open, direct, dynamic and straightforward atmosphere that distingueshes OutOfOffice a lot from traditional meeting and event locations.

Central element of the project are the two mobile wooden walls. These allow a very flexible arrangement of the space depending on various occasions like meetings, workshops, presentation or events.

Wooden wall units as natural dividing element for more flexibility for meetings

We from OutOfOffice are part of a radical change in business culture: To create more SPACE for creativity, humanity and collaboration - driven by the strong belief that new IDEAS will be the key for a better future for all of us.

OutOfOffice - meet.create.play.

Please find the full article on and visit the website of our architects Von M.

Mobile wooden wall units for various occasions like workshops, meetings, presentations

Meeting location with spacious kitchen