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„New Work“ – we show how the future of work can look like through a photo production at our location!

Press / OutOfOffice Frankfurt / 27.04.2021
New Work - rethinking work. Flexible, digital, creative. A philosophy that has increasingly come into focus in recent years in the wake of digitalisation. Through Corona, it is now becoming a necessity. How will we work in the future, after Corona, in the so-called "new normal"? In small groups, distributed over large areas? Which common practices will be questioned (keyword live vs.

OutOfOffice goes a bit more far away...with Holiwork!

Our co-founderin Chiara Oliva, exaplains why she got the idea of launching Holiwork - her vision of the "future of work", after all the learnings of this Pandemic, is to choose where to work! With Holiwork, OutOfOffice goes a bit more far the South of Italy!

Private celebrations rethought: very individual & very conscious - Save the Date!

OutOfOffice Munich / Events / OutOfOffice Frankfurt / OutOfOffice Stuttgart / 24.03.2021
It's going to be your best day! Private celebrations rethought: very individual & very conscious - Save the DATE! Full of anticipation! Celebrate magically in (for the time being) a small group and in a creative atmosphere. We are prepared. No matter whether (tiny) wedding, birthday, baptism / name party or whatever you would like to celebrate!

How are we going to work, if we can choose?

Press / Mission / Futureofwork / 03.02.2021
An Optimist's View … These are some of the learnings and beliefs that came out of my personal experiences and talks with many of you and that might help us to shape our work environment in a human and inspiring way. Georg Sauter – CEO & Co-Founder OutOfOffice

Corona phase

OutOfOffice Munich / OutOfOffice Frankfurt / OutOfOffice Stuttgart / 19.05.2020
OutOfOffice – safe and inspiring Locations for meetings or events with clients during and after the “Corona time”. A lot of space for you and your ideas – and a safe environment. „We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails”– Aristoteles